Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Weekend is almost over Part 1 for Jan 23 to 27

The Weekend is almost over Part 1 for Jan 23 to 27

After grading your quizzes this weekend it is painfully obvious that most of you have not been doing what is required to learn new concepts in math. Part one of your posts this week is to send a comment to this post at your class blog sites. Answer the following questions all in one post:

1. What are the steps needed in successfully solving percent problems?

2. Copy a question you did correctly. Identify the part, whole and percent involved in the quesiton. What was your simple sentence answer. Show the math you did to solve the question successfully.

3. Copy a question you did not get full marks on. What mistakes did you make? What is a way of answering a question correctly? (Hmmm this looks like our reflection from class)

4. Take a risk and ask for help on the blog. Your classmates will respond. Ask for comments to help you and see the variety of ways to answer your questions.

5. Comment on other peoples posts giving them your solutions and support.

1. find the question.
2. find a ratio
3. solve the problem.
4. write a simple sentence answer

2. I don't have my quiz

3. same thing

4. HElp me because I blew my Quiz.

5. Your alll doing a gooooood job!


HI RICHARD!!!!!!!!!

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