Friday, February 03, 2006

Look I'm Back

Sorry I haven’t been commenting or visiting lately. I’ve been crazy studying for exams… But now that Second Semester has started at Daniel Mac. I’m back. Hahaha. Now that I have seen that you guys are scribing. There are some excellent scribes going on and I assure you they will get better. You just have to push around each other on the blog. That’s the evolution of a blogger right there. You guys have to compete with each other to see who’s the best blogger out there. Hahahaha.

There are plenty of Examples of scribing.

Super (Secret) Scribe

Scribe or What


Scribe Scribles

Yeah there all from the PC30S blog. Hahaha. Well you see. The purpose of a scribe is to inform the reader what your doing and by doing so you relearn what you learned that day making you just a bit more smarter. Also if the reader reads the scribe then they also relearn. To think about it. Scribing is all about learning and learning… etc.

So keep those scribes coming. And here’s a tip. Like in the examples that I posted. Try to use photos to make your scribe look even more better. Hahaha

Ricky Out.

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