Tuesday, March 21, 2006

1) Finding the area for a rectangle.

2.)Finding the area for a triangle.
Area=1/2 BxH
Area=1/2 4x5

3.)The relashionship between the triangle and the rectangle is that the triangle is half of the rectangle.

4.) I have number four done, I just dont know how to put the pictures on blogger.

5.) You would find the area by measuring the the LxW. Basically however you measure triangles and rectangles is how you would find the answer. (have picture just don't know how to put it on blogger)

6.)To calculate the area a 3D shape you need to first add the sides together to get a number then you multilpy that to get you answer then you just add all you final numbers to get you final answer. Yes there is a shot cut you just multipy everthing by two .
(i think not positive)

7.)To find the answer for number 7 all you have to do is follow the same rules for what you did for number 6. (i think not sure though)

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