Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Growing post (Kahlah)

MArch15/06:How to find the area of a rectangle and a triangle!!

3.The relationship of a rectangle and a triangle is a right triangle is half a rectangle so the area of a triangle would have to be half the area of a rectangle.

DAy2 : How to find the area of the same shapes two different ways!!!
March 16/06

March20/06 : How to find surface area!!

10.2 x 21.6=220.32 that multiplied by 2 because their two side the same.Which then comes to=440.64. then u have to calculate the area of the 2 other sides..so you multiply 10.2 x 7=71.4 x 2 because their are two side the same which then comes to=142.8. Then you calculate the last two sides which are the same again. So you multiply 7 by 21.6=151.2 x 2=302.4. Now you just have to add up those three number which are 440.64 + 142.8 + 302.4= Surface area=885.84

Question 7:

The triangles:

A = Hx Lx W

= 5 x 7 x 5 x 1/2

= 87.5

The higth Depth:

A=L x W

A=5 x 12

A= 60

The Base Depth:

A=L x W

A= 5 x 12

A= 60

The total surface is: 87.5+60+60=207.5

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