Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MY Growing Post

Day 2

1 way is to calculate the area of each rectangle
Rectangle 1 Rectangle 2
A=lxw A=lxw
A=10x 3 A=8x3
A=30 cm squared A= 24cm squared

TSA= 30+24=54

the other way is to find the perimeter of the full rectangle and subtract the remainder that you don't use


You can cut of the end which is a right angle triangle and add it to the other side
Then you are simply finding the area of a rectangle

Day 4

O.K. There are 2-3 different sized sides. Assuming that there are 3 different sizes, find the area of one of each, multiply it by 2 and add them together. You can also multiply length, width, and depth to get the TSA(total surface area)

Triangular Prism Question

To solve each triangles area

The first part is that both triangle have the same are. The base is 4cm and the height is 5cm. Usually it is b x h/2, but since both triangles combine to create one rectangle, the formula is just b x h
A=20cm squared

All of the rectangles have different areas. The common one is 10.

First rectangle
A=40cm squared

Second Rectangle
A=50 cm squared

Final rectangle
A=60cm squared

To find the total surface area, we add it all up

20+40+50+60=170 cm squared

170 cm squared is the total surface area!! HOORAY!

Here's my own t. prism

Well, here's the circle part
First of all, your circle's radius must be the same length as the side length of the square
Let's say that the radius is 4 ( just like today)
The side length of the square would be four. to find the area of the square is to well, square the length i.e. multiply it by itself
A=s squared
A=4 squared
A=16 cm squared. THis is the same thing as squaring the radius of the circle. all that would be left to do would be to multiply the area of the square by Pi (3.1415...something or other )

answers to bonus Q's qre in the comments thingy where the Q's are, harbeck

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