Sunday, April 30, 2006

Growing Post......Kirby

1) Say you have the fraction 4/8 . This fraction is not in lowest terms. To make it into the lowest term you have to find the common factor. The common factor for 4 and 8 is 2 or 4. So once you have found a common factor you have to divide both the numerator and the denominator by that number.

2) Improper and mixed factions are the same because if you have an improper fraction and turn it into a mixed number they are the same but expressed differently.


This is a great site if you need help with making fractions in to their lowest term. It uses diagrams to help you understand it more.


a)Georgina and Polly made a race track for their hamsters. Georginas hamster (Mac) only made it 3/4 of the way and Pollys hamster (Frank) made it 2/3 of the way. How far did the hamsters travel all together?

b) Polly and Molly bought the same cherry lipstick. by the end of the first week polly had 3/4 of it left, molly had 2/4 of it left. how much more lipsick did polly had then molly?

5) Yupper I posted a comment on Deannia's Sachelle's and in another room Racquels er however you spell her name.


This site is great for helping you add and subtract fractions. It tells you what to do when the denominators are and are not the same. Also on the site there is a game, it doesnt tell you how to do the fractions, there are just questions and you have to answer them.

7) Okie Dokie

Part 2

1. Okay i am really not sure what to do but i will do it the way i think i have to.

This is the fraction 9/5

There is one whole which is made of 5 pieces and there is a part of a whole 4/5 so one whole (5/9) plus part of a whole, 4/5, equals 9/5.

2. This is how you multiply fractions

3. This website shows you multiply fractions. It explains it well. There is also a couple games on it to. you could enter in fractions and it tells you how to multiply it.

4.This is how you divide fractions

5. This website shows how you divide fractions. It shows you step by step on how to divide fractions. At the end you have to figure the questions out yourself.

6. ummm i dont know how to get to the other classes blogger. from our class i nominate jenny because she used lots of color and explained things well :P

7. FrankyBob planted some flowers. The next morning the plant grew about 1/8. in the next five days the plant tripled in size. how much did the plant grow all together?

Deannia's Question

8 divided by 1/2
= 8/1 times 2/1
= 16!!!!

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I like your post you explained your work very well and it seemed like you knew what you were talking about.

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Good Job! You explained the things on fractions very well and it seemed u knew what you were doing.

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