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#1. If u have a fraction like 5/15, its not in lowest terms because it can still be decreased, divide by 5 on the numerator and denomenator. Then you have 1/3 which is in lowest terms =
#2. Improper fractions and mixed numbers are the same, suppose you have a mixed number like 4 and 3/5ths, multiply the denomenator by the whole number than add the numerator. So its like 4x5=20+3=23/5ths as the mixed number. You can also go the other way by dividing. Divide 23 by 5 and it goes in 4 times so thats your whole number and the remainder is the numerator =
This website offers instructions and practise in renaming fractions to lowest terms. All examples are pictured in number lines =
#4. Chris Harbeck has 2\3rds of...a bug(lol) and his friend...Mr.Ramsoomair has 3\4ths of a coconut, Harbeck suggests that they should put the 2 together and see what happens. How much do they have together? =p

#5.Gonna do that at end :)

#6.Click here

This website tells you how to add or subtract fractions in a complete course of arithmetic.



part 2! the shape of square has side lengths of 5 and we need 2 show wat the fraction 9\5 is by using the square? hmm seems hard..but it isnt. the whole is 6\6, then its 5\5 then add 4]5 and its 9\5 :p


3. L1nk - an interactive math source of how to multiply fractions. a guy by the name of charbeck once said, yours is not the reason why, oh no, just invert and multiply...i added the oh no :) lol this website they discuss dividing fractions...the dividing rules...they also have multiplying our class..dion or matthew, didnt decide who though but either one of those 2 should be in the hall of fame, they finish posts on time and they are pretty good :p aldrin from room 73 because its all good. katho and dhono are also good bloggers.

7. i drank some of my gatorade it is now 4\5th from full, i drink 2\5th more then my friend puts soem of his gatorade and tis 4\5th to the 2\5th, how much gatorade do i have-lol its kinda confusing

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