Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kale's Growing Fraction Post

Part 1 This is a good site that covers up most about fractions. Has about a page describing them.

If billy has 3/4 of an apple, and sue has 1/3 of an apple how many pices of an apple do they have?
this means 3/4+1/3

3x4=12 9+4=13. they have 13 out of 12 pieces.

The answer to your math question is 2/5 or two fifths. How many different questions can you make with 2/5 as an answer?Try adding, subtracting, mixed numbers, improper fractions etc. The sky is the limit. - There is an infinite amount of possibilties
blogger is acting weird

square: 5/6 to 9/5
Make a whole=6/6 or 5/5, then add 4 fifths. = 9/5

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At 3:49 PM, Blogger dion 8-41 said...

3/4 = 9/12 +
1/3 = 4/12

13/12 or 1 1/12

Yay Kale! Nice pic! Good problem! Dont forget to finish ur blog! =-)


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