Thursday, April 06, 2006

sorry about this(growing post cont.)

like I dont get it I cant put anything more on my blog so im putting it here. Mr h. could u maybe look at this?

Heres the rest of my growing post
somethings really wrong with my other post
I cant edit or leave comments
My mom left a comment too so its not working

The realtion between a circle and a square is...
To get the area of a circle Its Pi r r
Say the radius of the circle is one so the side length of the square is one
The area of the circle would be 3.14
the area of the square would be 1
Three squares would be able to fit inside of this circle with a little left over
so u would just have to multiply the area of the square by Pi to get the area of a circle
Its not over yet...
extra stuff time!
1)rec l-5 w-4
tri b-5 h-2
rec l-2 w-1
tri b-2 h-23
rec l-4 w-3
tri b-4 -6.5

2)im goin to gues its 5cm by 3cm so it would be7.5m by 4.5m

3)I estimate it would be 9 squares because it looked like it was too blocks down by three for the rec. part and three would fit else where

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