Monday, May 08, 2006

Deannia's Second Fraction Growing Post

1.)OK! Well i know what how do it because you just make pictures. Like for 5/6 you would have it drawn out and 5 covered (cause thats what you have ). Then for 9/5 thats would be improper so you would have to change it to

so that would be 1and 4/5.

2.) Here are some things you should remember when you multiply.
-x numerator x denominator
-mixed numbers are made into improper fractions
-whole numbers are written as whole/1
-look for cross reduction
-all improper answers should be changed into mixed numbers

Numerical Example
2/3x1/3=2/9 all you do is times the numerator by the other numerator and then do the same thing for the denominators

Well i did a picture example at its at the top of the page because i dont know how to move down here and when i try and do something it does nothing.

3.) This website talks about how to multiply do fractions. This site also shows anything else that you would need to know about fractions.This is the website that i chose but i do not get how you link it so yea http://

4.) Here are some things that you should know when dividing fractions.
-Yours is not to reason why just invert and multiply.

Numerical Example
8 divided by 2=4 Eight is how much you have, 2 is how many groups (size), and 4 is the new group.

My picture example is at the top of the page with the other one i have know clue how to move them done here. Anybody that does can you please tell me.

5.)This website tells you how to divide fractions. It also tells you other things that you need to know about fractions and such. Here is the websites im dint know how to create a link so i just gave the website.

6.) Ok, well i nominate (if thats how you spell it) I think its tylers (8-41)cause it has good pictures and its the only one i see so yea i also nominate umm michael s.(8-17) cause he had good pictures and lots of info,next is ingrid (8-73) cause she had great pictures and very good information, and the last one is annalyn cause she had good pictures and good information. Sorry people i dont know how to make a link so your just going to have too look at them yourselves.

7.) A chocolate bar has 8 equal pieces. You split into into 1/2. How much do you have left?? This is an easy one so you people should be able to get it. Ok well you dont see a picture cause its at the top of the page..I answered tylers (cause i dont see anyone elses) question i just dont know how to create a link to it.

Great well im done, good job for me!!!

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