Sunday, May 14, 2006

Jenny's Fraction Growing Post Part II

1) I think this is how you do it..

2) You multiply the two numerators and the two denominators...
( You can also cross reduce to make it more simple)
( Dont forget to change it into a mixed number and put it into lowest terms)

3) Multiplying Fractions
This site is a good site that explains how to multiply fractions. It has simple rules at first then it shows you step by step. It has three different games that help you
practice multiplying fractions. It also shows you how you can cross reduce. .

4) When you divide fractions you use a reciprical? Or the additive inverse? You flip the second fraction. Then you just multiplty it like you would when you multiply fractions.

5) Dividing Fractions
This website is good for learning how to divide fractions. It gives you the rules and it shows you how to do it with an example. It also has some games that help you practice.

6) In room 41 I chose Tyler's Post because I could read it clearly.
In room 17 I chose Katho's Post because I liked the pictures.
In room 16 I chose Annalyn's Post because she explained everything really good.
In room 73 i chose Ingrid's Post because the animations helped me understand it better.

7) If i was stuck driving behind some crazy driver
that only drove at an average speed of 90 km, for 1 1/4 hours, how far would I go?!?

I answered Katho's question..

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