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Question 1.
Expressing fractions into lowest terms means, by dividing the numerator and enominato by the same number.

Question 2.
Improper fractions and mixed fractions are the same because they still reprsent the same fraction. eg. 12/5= 2 2/5.
Question 3.
Question 4.
If i had two pies, and i were to divide it into fourths, and share two of them amoungst 2 of my friends and i ate one, i would only have 1/4 left of the pie. If i were to bake another pie, and divide it by 3 and i only shared two piece, one for me and one for my friend, but left the other one alone. how many pies have I shared amoungst my friends?

Say i had 2 3/4 of pie, and i decide to throw out 1 2/4 out. HOw much pie do i have left?
Question 5.
Question 6.
heres a game
explaing how to add and subtract

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a)3/4 shared and self.
2/3 shared and self

3/4= 9/12

9+8=17 i.e. 17/12 i.e. 1 and 5/12

b) 2 and 3/4-1 and 2/4=1 and 1/402-1=1

1+1/4=1 and 1/4

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