Wednesday, May 03, 2006

sachelles growing fraction post

Expressing fractions in lowest terms is reducing the fraction to the lowest it can go.

4/8 divided by 2(both numbers) is 2/4 now you divided by 2 is 1/2. Now that is the lowest it can go because you can't divide any more.

Improper and mixed numbers are the same because they can equal each other

So you have 1 1/3. You take the denominator and multiply it by the whole number. The you add the number you now have to the numerator. So 3 multiplied by 1 is 3 and 3 add 1 is 4 so you now have 4/3. You keep the denominator the same. Now to make the improper fraction a mixed number you see how many 3's are in 4. So there are 1 then how many is left over 1. So now you have your mixed number. 1 1/3.

3.Here is my site for equivalent fractions This site explains how to do equivalent fractions and there is some games so you can practice doing them.

4. You have 2/4 of a pizza and your friend gives you 2/3 more. How much pizza do you have now?

b) You have 2 3/5 of a chocolate bar but you give your friend 1 1/2 of it. How much of the chocolate bar do you have left?

6. Here is a site for adding and subtracting fractions This site can also show you a bunch of different fractions.

Second Growing Fraction Post

1. Im not really sure what to do.

2. When you multiply fractions you get a new fraction.
If you don't understand my writing because it's not really descriptive look at my numbers.oh yeah.

1/2 x 2/3=
the numerators multiply with each other.
the denominators multiply with each other
so the answer is 2/6......... for mixed numbers, make the mixed number into an improper fraction before multiplying.

3.This is my website for multiplying fractions. This website will show you how to multiply fractions and other stuff on fractions.

4.When you divide fractions you use reciprocal and then multiply.

1/5divided by 2/3
You change 2/3 to it's reciprocal and once the reciprocal is changed you multiply
1/5 x 3/2

5.Here is a site for dividing fractions.
You can learn how to divide fractions here. You can also learn how to do other stuff with fractions.

7. You have 2/3 of a chocolate bar and someone gives you double that. How much do you have now?

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