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Soriano's Fraction Growing Post



I think... Also, u have to divide the numerator and the denominator by the same number, and 1/2 is the smallest term, because you cannot devide any lower..

Improper fractions and mixed numbers are the same because, to make a mixed fraction u need an improper one.
Eg. 9/4 <- there are two more groups of 4/4 so the answer will turn out as 2 1/4 because there is an extra 1/4. To turn a mixed fraction to an improper one, you need to multiply the denominator with the whole number, then add the numerator. Eg. 2 1/4 <- 4x2=8+1=9 so the answer is 9/4.

This site shows how to make, equivalent fractions, it also tells you how to make them into lowest terms. The easiest way to.

A. Harry and Horhay go and buy candy. Harry takes 3/4 of candy from his bag, and Horhay takes 1/2 of candy from her bag. How much candy have they eaten altogether?

B. Earl and Horhay went to the store to buy clothes. Earl buys 20 3/4 dollars in clothes, and Horhay buys 19 9/10 dollars worth of clothes. How much more has Earl spent on clothes than Horhay.

Ashley Amantes's, Yvanne Dandan's and Annalyn Aniciete's

This page shows how to add and subtract fractions, and which common denominator is better to use. Like instead of 1/3 = 30/90, 5/10 = 45/90

May 14.06


I dont know if this is really an easy site to help you learn multiplying fractions but i guess its better then nothing. This site wil show you the steps into multiplying fractions. It also has helpful questions that can help you.


I also dont think this is an easy site to learn dividing fractions. It does show you what the steps are to dividing. Being the same website i used=D i think theres example questions that you can do=D

From 8-41=D I nominate Dion - he had a good blog like hyper active stuff, he had nice pics and gifs lol. GOOD JOB DION!
From 8-16 =D I nominate Dhona - she had a nice blog, easy explinations and everything. BERRY GOOD Dhona!
From 8-17=D I nominate Rebecca - she had a nice and easy way to learn the stuff. Good Work BECCA!
From 8-73=D I nominate Aldrin - his blog seems to be the favoured and i dont disagree, his pictures come right at you like 3-D. Nice Work Aldrin!

WARNING -- UNDER EXAJURATION AHEAD - dont mind the spelling

If there are lets see... 1..2..3..4..5.. 26 Naruto Uzumaki's (including himself) altogether, and The original puts them into groups of 7. How many groups are there?

I had done Helen's Question - I had posted the answer to her comments aswell=D

it's mothers day!! and you decide to buy your mom flowers. So you go to the flower store and to your surprise you find out there is a mother's day sale! Daisies and lilies for 1 dollar each without tax. You pick out 5 lilies and 3 1/2 daisies. You brought a 10 dollar bill with you how much will change will you get?

So 5+3 1/2 =8 1/2
Its like saying $8.50
So $10.00 - $8.50 = $1.50 or 1 1/2 of the change is yours... i guess=P


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