Monday, May 01, 2006

What's a Fraction Growing Post??

1. 2/4=1/2 because the numerator and denominator both have a common factor- 2

2. they both reprisent a number/fraction larger than one
3. + 6. This is the site which I choose because it not only provides a fraction site, it also provides many of the things we learned this year, so it could be used to review for the exam as well.

4. a)I have a three piece chocolate bar and a four piece cake. I ate 1 piece of chocolate and 1 piece of cake. How much cake and chocolate do I have all together?

b) Terrible Ted took 3 and two thirds of the toast. Ted ate two and two thirds. How much did Terrible Ted have left?

5. I will...
Ok... I posted on Josh and Jenny's in 8-41 and Ingrid's in 8-73

Part 2.

If Dion can make gifs, so can I muahahahahaha...but not quite yet...
1. Later...ok it's later now. So, there's 5/6 eh... Well, first is to make it a whole, which would be 6/6. THis is the same as 5/5. Now you only need to add the remaining 4/5 to the whole and Voila!!! You have 9/5. Hooray! You can also simply use a common denominator which in this case is 30.

2. Numerators get multiplied and denominators get multiplied

3.+ 5.I choose the same site I used earlier because it has all of the stuff we need!

4. "Yours is not to reason why,
Just invert and multiply!"-C. Harbeck, Math Class 2006
So, you invert the second of two fractions involved with the equation and multiply.

6. I nominate Ingrid of 8-73 because she used really good pics and good questions.
I nominate Katho of 8-17 because it has good pics.
I nominate Dhona of 8-16 because she used nice pictures as well and good examples
I nominate Dion cause of his gifs

7. A jelly donut is 3 1/2 inches in area. It is 3/4 jelly. How much jelly is in the jelly donut?

I answered Layco's. it was quite simple. Not because of what you are thinking

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At 6:55 PM, Blogger Mr. H said...

Though that quote is a real "Dilly" or "Ditty" it is the easy way out of understanding the division of fractions. What does one third divided by one half mean? Take that question to the extreme. Good luck


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