Thursday, June 15, 2006

2 big idiots growing post( and now ...jimmy)

These are all of the possible nets.
They are labelled, therefore already mentioning the are of the base.
Most important thing to remember about nets:
V= B x h OR l x w x h
Always use every combination possible

This is the question with parts A,B,C,D.
THe easiest way to find out the size of each part is to divide the entire square up into 16's.
Then all it is is a matter of counting the # of pieces in each section.

Rectangle Cylinder
V= l x w x h V= pi r2 x H
V= 90x35x45 V=3.14(50)(50)(120)
V=90x1575 V=3.14x2500x120
V=141750cm3 V=7850 x 120
V=942000 cm3
=rounded to 7

Approximately 7 rectangular bales will fit into the cylinder.

The algebraic expression is 4x+4

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